today we learned about michelangelo

what fun at today’s k.t. blue art class! all of my little artists did such beautiful work!

we started with discussing michelangelo and the fact that he was only 33 when he painted the sistine chapel (so very very very young….) and that it took him almost 4 years to complete it…a fact that prompted one of the best quotes of the day..”four years? i’d be 13 then! that’s old!”

the giggles began when we looked at the famous section of god and adam…well, mostly because adam forgot his clothes. to which one student (god bless him) said, “why in the world would anyone want to paint a weiner?”a fine question if i do say so myself…

the children then drew their own pastel portraits of god and adam, replacing god and the unclothed gentleman with their own figures almost touching fingers. some chose themselves and their moms, others drew themselves and their best friends…it was fun to see who the children chose for their creation images…and the pictures turned out just beautifully as they drew with pastels and used their “magic finger” to smudge the colors together. i tried my hand at “creation: my husband and me” while one of the children tried his hand at “creation: dr jekyll and dracula.” love it.

we then moved over to the “sistine chapel” which i had rigged up with paper, string and two folding chairs…not to mention three sleeping bags and five pillows. we tried to imagine what it would have been like for michelangelo to paint the ceiling and create art from a very uncomfortable position. the kids were stupendous! even when a freak thunderstorm came and rattled the very ceiling they were painting! the artists remained unscathed, however, and trudged through every difficulty…the best part was when any child had a question, they refer to me as “the pope” since we had discussed the fact that the pope had been the one who asked michelangelo to paint the ceiling. so, you’d hear a lot of, “excuse me, pope? can i have the green pastel?’ and “hey, pope..this is very uncomfortable. can i have another pillow?”

i love love loved this session. all of my little michelangelos were fantastic…


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