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still life with cezanne or, the astonishing orange

Tuesday marked the first Museum Masters class of this spring session and, first of all, how wonderful to see all of my returning students and the hugs that accompanied them! and how fun to have some new students with whom I’m so excited to share all of these new classes! We had tons of fun learning about Paul Cezanne…We talked specifically about his love of “still life” paintings and his use of color, shading, shapes and shadows. The children were each divided into two groups around different still life displays of fruit and flowers. Using a variety of media, the children were tasked with recreating those scenes. To really emphasize the idea of highlights and shadowing, we placed a flashlight on each table, casting light on the displays. Looking at each of our pieces of artwork, we discussed how, although they do not look exactly like the displays, they create an impression of them – which was Cezanne’s goal in his own painting.

A few fun facts about Cezanne:

  • Paul Cezanne entered art school at the age of 10 and stayed on for six years
  • At first, Cezanne’s father did not support his son’s choice of career (he wanted his son to be a banker!) but eventually he came around and even gave his son money for his art!
  • Cezanne loved shapes and once said that nature could be drawn in cylinders, cones and spheres.
  • The influential Paris Salon rejected Cezanne’s paintings for five years straight until finally accepting a portrait of his father.
  • Cezanne is perhaps best known for his “still life” paintings – which portray a variety of fruits and flowers assembled on tables.
  • Cezanne once said, “I will astonish Paris with an apple!”
  • Pablo Picasso called Cezanne “the father of us all”

Here are a few examples of my students’ still life pieces…Aren’t they gorgeous?

still life #1
still life #2
still life #3
still life #4

Can’t wait until this Tuesday and our adventures into Egyptian hieroglyphics!


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