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mobiles of kids with confidence

this week’s art lesson was about alexander calder and his amazing, gravity-defying mobiles. a few fun facts about mr calder that the kids absolutely ate up:

  • Calder created his first sculpture at the age of 4 – it was a clay elephant
  • Calder loved to make jewelry for his sister from scraps of copper wire that he found in the streets around his home
  • Calder loved to make toys and many of them were sold to children. You can see Calder’s toys now in a museum in Massachusetts
  • Calder’s mobiles had fun names like “Lobster Trap and Fish Tail” and ‘Starfish” and “Elephant”

I will admit, it was a breath of fresh air to be discussing an artist that wasn’t, as my students said, “super sad all the time”…and, unlike van gogh, had both ears intact. in class, we took a peek at different works by Calder, both mobile and stationary and the children were given the materials to create an “I am” mobile, featuring their face (and google eyes…a huge hit!) and several speech bubbles with the words, “I am…” The children were tasked with finishing that sentence with positive adjectives about themselves. We began the initial assembly of these mobiles and I will finish them over the next week for the children to take them home after class next week.

I know I say it all the time, but these students are just amazing. The enthusiasm with which they tackled this project, particularly when it came to the speech bubbles was inspiring. Their bubbles  say things like “I am a good dancer” and “I am creative” and “I am an artist” and “I am cute” and, my personal favorite, “I am nice to everyone even girls.” It’s a treat to me to be privy to these thoughts and ideas and I hope these wonderful children never lose their abilities to see the amazing things within them all.

my mobile…


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