Fall 2011 Museum Masters Syllabus

Designed for children grades 2-5, Museum Masters art appreciation classes provide a fun and engaging opportunity for multi-aged children to learn about artists and artistic styles and design their own original artwork. This session, Museum Masters will be taking a world-tour of museums across the globe – learning about artists from a variety of different countries and time periods. From the Louvre to the Met and lots of spots in between, our Museum Masters students will see examples of famous artists’ work, learn about their lives and the periods in which they lived, and then create original artwork in those styles.

Katie M. Zeigler is a Walnut Creek parent and an avid believer in the power of art appreciation. Katie has been teaching her art appreciation classes to a wide variety of children in Walnut Creek, Lafayette and Orinda for the last three years and would delighted to bring her love of art and creativity to the Alamo community.


Museum Masters Class Schedule

8 week session


September 13th – November 1st, 2011

2:30 – 3:30


Loving the Louvre: The Art of Auguste Rodin
Artist: Rodin

Objective: We’ll visit the Louvre in France and learn more about Auguste Rodin and his sculptures. We will look at a variety of his most famous works, including The Thinker and The Walking Man. The children will create their own sculptures using fast-dry moulding clay, with special attention given to specific poses and realism.


The Terrific Tate: The Art of Michael Landy
Artist: Landy

Objective: We’ll visit the Tate Modern in Britain and learn more about Michael Landy, in particular, his work “Semi-Detached” in which he recreated the house where his father lived. We will discuss the role of everyday objects as art and create our own replicas of our houses.


Masterpieces of the Moa: The Art of Katsushika Hokusai
Artist: Hokusai

Objective: We’ll visit the Moa in Japan to learn about the art of Katsushika Hokusai, with specific emphasis on his The Great Wave and Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji. The children will learn all about the techniques of Japanese artist Hokusai. We will discuss his style of printmaking and create our own versions of ukiyo-e prints.


The Lure of Lascaux: The Art of Prehistoric Cave Paintings
Artist: Mr. Caveman

Objective: We’ll visit the caves of Lascaux France to familiarize students with Prehistoric art, the reasons for it, the subject matter depicted, style and colors used. Using the Lascaux Caves as our example, the children will create their own cave paintings on terra cotta pots.


Prowling the Prado: The Art of Francisco Goya
Artist: Goya

Objective: We’ll visit the Prado in Spain to learn about the art of Francisco Goya, particularly his Giant piece, El Coloso. We’ll discuss Goya’s use of perspective, sizing and shading and create our own Giant portraits.



More from the Met: The Art of Romare Bearden
Artist: Bearden

Objective: We’ll visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to learn about the art of Romare Bearden, known as one of the most famous and prolific African American artists in history. We’ll take a closer look at Bearden’s piece, The Block – a beautiful city scene of various buildings and their inhabitants. The children will each create their own city building and we will put them together to create our own city block.


Hurry to the Hecht: The Art of Amedeo Modigliani
Artist: Modigliani

Objective: We’ll visit the Hecht in Israel to get to know Amedeo Modigliani. The children will learn about Modigliani’s imprecise use of proportion and create a self-portrait in his “long face” style.



 Art of the Accademia: The Art of Michelangelo

Artist: Michelangelo

Objective: We’ll visit the Accademia in Italy to learn more about Michelangelo, his sculptures and his Sistine Chapel ceiling. Always a favorite with students, this class will allow the children to not only create their own version of the David but get the opportunity to experience just how Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Class Size

In order to ensure maximum teacher/student interaction, class size will not exceed 12 children.


Museum Masters children’s art appreciation classes are intended as a multi-age experience for children grades 2-5.


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